About Fruit Boots

Fruit Boots started as a printmaking company in 2020 by Liam Sawyer. As Liam's interests in mixed media and functional art grew, hand made skateboards became his favorite printmaking substrate. Combining his love of woodworking, printmaking and getting outside, making skateboards has been the ultimate creative endeavor.


Where did the "Fruit Boots" name come from?

The term was originally coined by skateboarders who were frustrated by the influx of inline skaters. "Fruit boots" and "fruit booters" was a derogatory and term used by skateboarders in reference to inline skaters, associating them with the queer community.

As a queer, trans person who has a love for both inline skating and skateboarding, Liam is attempting to reclaim the "Fruit Boots" term by bringing it to a welcoming and creative space.

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